Bus Stop (Thrift Shop parody for Desert Bus For Hope)

by MC117

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Desert Bus For Hope (desertbus.org) is the world's longest running internet-based fundraiser and has raised more than $1.2 million for children's hospitals over its seven-year history.

This track was written in honor of the Desert Bus team for their seventh year, and includes many "insider" references. You can see a video of the team dancing to this track here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YA6Iavk0e0

If you enjoy this song, please consider making a donation to Desert Bus For Hope! For the kids!


released November 16, 2013




MC117 Redmond, Washington

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Mocking music that takes itself a little (or a lot) too seriously, MC 117 produces pan-referential straight-faced commentary of hip hop, video games, and pop culture at large. Focusing on audial allusions and lyrical sleight-of-hand, this satire auteur carves his own genre in the fertile ground between "knockoff" and "ripoff". ... more

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Track Name: Bus Stop (Thrift Shop parody for Desert Bus For Hope)
Bus bus, bus, bus
Drivin it, drivin it, drivin it, yeah!
I'm gonna help some kids
Only got twenty hours left left to rock it
I-I-I'm drivin, raise a lotta dollars
This is bussing awesome
Nah, walk up to the chat like "What up? I got a big QWOP!"
Pledges jumped, another hour 'fore the bus stops
Time at the end it get so costly
That people like ("Graham! That's a moonbase posse)
Bored again, fell asleep, rollin in the desert heat
Messed up the score, now we gon' reset the machine
Dressed like a refugee, Paul sitten next to me
Probably should watched the road 'stead of Dr. Kathleen
We had ninety-nine points! (What?)
Improbable? Possible, bout to go an help a hospital
Drivin up over obstacles the Desert Bus: unstoppable
But we all gon' be busin it man
I am runnin the auction and
Raisin' the money and I'm sellin' crafty hats and scarves in this
I'ma make some pony glue, I'ma make some pony glue
No for real - ask your homey - I heard he's a brony too (eyup)
Bus cutiemark and some road trippers
Shootin down to Nevada and back with Matt Wiggins
You want a CCG card? we'll sell a CCG card
We'll sell a sheet, uncut, then we'll sell some geek art
Also, also, my duck man, my Roscoe
P. Jangles the fourth got the pig sweetened + 4
We could take some mo' things, stack it to our elbows
The creepy doll would be like, "Aw, we got to sell Kroze"
What you know about leg-waxin a man, son?
What you knowin about CaramellDansen?
I'm driving, I'm driving, I'm workin right next to plumbin'
Some fans chat, that's another challenge comin
Thank you Andy, Tally, Jer, an' Ashton for runnin
off work cuz right now we're up here for some'm
Showin off the good will you can find just by (bussin)
You rock, you rock, pledges poppin by the (dozen)
Your homey your matey your Kelsey, your Katie
And Ken "Value-Added" Steacy gonna rock like a motherbusser
Put an hour on that clock for another busser
Bill's mom is gonna talk like a motherbusser
He be like, "Oh, that story - mom tell it right
She's like "Yo - that's fifty dollars for a secret"
Solicited admission, let's all sit back and listen
Fifty dollars for a secret - that's some generous gift, miss
I call that getting Octopimped, miss
I call that giving gifts to the kids, miss
That's storytellin, though
And here's a mother telling six other stories, she not stoppin' tellin' those
Loading, Ready, Run, take a look what chu sellin folks
Buyin kids games when they sick, man you helpin folks
Man you helpin folks
(Desert Bus... for the kids... yeah!)
I'll drive your Desert Bus
This game's ridiculous
Tell Penn and Teller's that
Their Smoke and Mirror's killing us
I'll drive that desert bus (Graham right)
I'll never stop because (now come on man)
We gonna show the world (show the world)
That us nerds are generous (let's go)
Why are you so bad at this?
I'm doing it on purpose!