Inhuman 117

by MC117

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An excerpt from the personal journal of MC117.

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Start it with an ever-ready automated reference
Impart with a partner but I got ‘em payin deference
Zero was the hero but I thought he hid the evidence
Sinusoidal signal sadly caught amid irrelevance
Grounded like a wire, jus’ a naughty kid’s embellishments
Found I was a liar from the plot: I didn’t tell ‘im it’s
A “Hypocrite for hire”, bit a bite o’ many medicines
Slytherin supplier of a night of pretty elegance
Punishing the parents of my parasitic pedigree
P.Z. easy, buries it in Hennessy
Stealing is essential if you want a lot o’ quality
As sorry as I sound; it’s an onomotopology
Penny and a pound, I got no originality
Never come around to a lower illegality
Patrols in gear, its war upon me
Folding lyrics: oralgami

Spirits in the center of a battle I began again
Here it’s elemental cuz I’m addled by adrenaline
Automated activator, packin’ hatred that’ll make
A Spartan start shakin’ like a caffinated rattlesnake
Kobayashi crippled, fake attack, I see the dead arrayed
Back in the computer take a crack, I need a better grade
Rackin’ up the record of renegade an’ radical
Hackin like a Decker, my antenna made o’ magical
Particles, steady yo’ wand, ready go, bra’
Levi-OH-sa, not levi-o-SAH
An’ it’s any ol’ law, break it ready o’ not
An I bet he won’t stop cuz he said he go raw
An’ I nod to the heavens, bout to innovate:
Fraud like ya thought, makin’ lemons out of lemonade
Profit that I flaunt, tip I got by a mandate
Pocket what I want, rip it off like a Band-Aid

Peer into the head of a promising degenerate
Daddy was a jedi an’ my mom is Bene-Gesserit
Fear is the mind-killa’, fear is the little death
Forces aligned, it appears I’m a winner ex-
Cess of Tetris, stackin’ midichlorians
Bustin’ the Flux in the back o’ my DeLorean
Time to adjust, What? six-eight my signiture
Rhyme-busting customs cut this rate by singular
Sonnets of lyrical ornamentation
Spurred on with superior oral narration
I’ll spin; billable: order my vowels and
Count up the syllables [over nine thousand!]
Move, son, murdering a melody
Burying a beat with my burgeoning ability
Meter on the move; attested by our veterans
Needle in the groove, injected like amphetamines

I‘m a medical receptacle suppressing vasopressin
But the method’s inefficient for addressing that aggression
At the one source, energy renews fer’ a marathon
Enter the dragon: call me Lews Therin Telamon
You know I’m tragic tale o’ trouble, “kinslayer”
Forgo felony an’ fail a couple minutes later
Masamune my microphone, stripped a samurai
Take anything I’d like to own, let that banner fly
No promises, chimerical like Kerrigan
The very model of a terrible American


released August 11, 2012
Beat and production by ProjektZero.




MC117 Redmond, Washington

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Mocking music that takes itself a little (or a lot) too seriously, MC 117 produces pan-referential straight-faced commentary of hip hop, video games, and pop culture at large. Focusing on audial allusions and lyrical sleight-of-hand, this satire auteur carves his own genre in the fertile ground between "knockoff" and "ripoff". ... more

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