See The World

by MC117

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Everything seems pretty messed up right now, but I think we're still more similar than we are different. Here's to our commonality.

All proceeds from this track will be donated to humanitarian non-profits.


Some see the world as black or white
Some see as lost or saved
Some see things just as wrong and right
No matter what you say
Some people think they’re better
Due to money, looks, or fame
But any way you measure
There’s one way we’re the same

We’re warm and that’s what matters
To aim a plasmacaster
Our heat makes us tricky to disguise
If we could only once trust
The alien who hunts us
And see the world… through the Predator’s eyes

Instead of trying to take and take
Consider how you’re full
And pride won’t help you when he makes
A trophy of your skull
Nothing can fulfil us
When our hearts cannot forgive
He came from space to kill us
But he showed us how to live

We’re warm and that’s what matters
To aim his plasmacaster
His camouflage will take us by surprise
If the thing that fights us
Finally unites us
We’ll see the world… through the Predator’s eyes
See the world through the Predator’s eyes


released February 4, 2017




MC117 Redmond, Washington

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Mocking music that takes itself a little (or a lot) too seriously, MC 117 produces pan-referential straight-faced commentary of hip hop, video games, and pop culture at large. Focusing on audial allusions and lyrical sleight-of-hand, this satire auteur carves his own genre in the fertile ground between "knockoff" and "ripoff". ... more

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